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Organizer Stories

FOR THE PAST year or so my student loan bills have been paid. Because of this, I was able to have all of my Sallie Mae/Navient private loan debt settled in full and only have to focus on federal loans. Before this project, I felt as though there was no real hope of paying off my loans in my lifetime. I could not see how with the high interest of the private loans and the amount that I owe. I now feel as though I can not only have my student loan debt eradicated, but I will one day be financially free enough to not have to worry about my everyday bills and debt. I’ve been able to pay off some of the medical debt that I’ve acquired and this has also allowed me to start saving some money for emergencies. I have gotten several small debts out of collections and my credit score is improving as well. Not feeling crippled by the large amount of debt has made me able to think about future endeavors that I could not realistically pondering without the looming student loan debt always in the back of my mind.


I HAVE BEEN able to at least dream of having a life devoid of dependency. When I look at my student loan amount, I think of having a life limited in options, where I have to stick to only what I can afford all because I wanted to be more educated. I have been able to at least think of taking trips with friends for self care because I don’t have the huge burden of being so deeply in the negatives when it comes to money. Without the burden of the monthly loan payments, I can indulge in a cheat meal or two, see movies in theaters and afford gas to go to class AND to meet up with friends for brunch. I can also get my nieces and nephew birthday presents and not feel the shame of not being able to afford to do so. That’s what brings me the most joy…being able to spend on those that I love once in a while. If I had to pay my student loan payments, I would not be able to do any of that.  Looking at my student loans, my life feels limited in options, where I am forced to stick to only what I can afford.