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About SWR

We are a group of organizers from across the country. We work in many areas of advocacy from policy, grassroots organizing, and human services, to social and cultural change, faith organizing and education reform. While we work in diverse fields of change-making, we are all in agreement that self-determination is a cornerstone of building liberation and freedom for Black folks in the U.S. Within this collective of activists, we have done work in Minnesota, California, Georgia, New York, South Carolina, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and a few countries oversees. Our group members have Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees that run the gamut from Public Policy, Law, Finance and Architecture to Theology, Sociology, Ethnic and Africana Studies and Justice and Peace Studies. Together we make a fearsome tribe striving to eliminate all markers of oppression and have started with tackling the elimination of the colossal student loan debt we are saddled with.

We are working in the following areas of reform:

  1. Education access and affordability
  2. Housing justice
  3. Criminal justice reform
  4. Police brutality and militarization
  5. Generational poverty
  6. The achievement gap
  7. Community stability
  8. Healing and mental health awareness
  9. Policy reform
  10. School curriculum reform
  11. Building liberation-based, LGBTQ inclusive Black faith communities.

In the grand attempt to be self-deterministic we have found that in our current society, people of African descent have a much harder time controlling our lives when we have been socially, economically and traditionally under-resourced for centuries. In American life, we have been taught that in order to climb the economic ladder, we must attain higher levels of education. There have been studies and other such evidence stating that education is the strongest variable in overcoming financial hardship. Studies have also shown that that despite the educational gains made by those of African descent within the United States, economic disparities still persist. This collective of activists spans a number of educational institutions of higher learning setting out to better understand ways to not only make our country more equitable but to also shake loose the burdens of poverty. No matter where we are on our path, either having graduated or still matriculating through our degree programs, we find a discrepancy in our efforts to remain financially sustainable. The economic burden of student loan debt leaves us unable to meet our basic needs. Wherever we area, whatever our area of organizing and change-making we have all decided to dedicate our lives and claim our place in the ongoing struggle for liberation and justice.

For more information contact us at or 612-396-7092